Saturday, 3 February 2018

Chapter 6 - Building a reel

Something I can't emphasise enough when first entering the world of DMP and was case and point in my experience is to start small and gradually go big.
One of my interests is mountaineering so I will use this as a metaphor for what I mean. A mountaineer would not start his career by trying to summit K2 but would instead start by summiting smaller peaks and before that would have probably spent considerable time just working on correct technique and form on a climbing wall, lets say. If the mountaineer tried to climb K2 outright then this person would most likely have failed through lack of experience.

This relates directly to DMP and I can't stress this enough. Begin with more manageable exercises such as day for night, summer to winter, sky replacements, set extensions, and some basic CG paint overs for example, after having locked down your knowledge of traditional art principles and software to an extent.
Do not initially attempt a big establishing shot with no plate and a giant camera move or something overly complex but begin with something simpler to build confidence. Even if this is a lock off or a very small camera move this type of work will introduce you to DMP and you will be doing work closer to that in production. For entering the industry as a junior this will make you employable. Showing that you can do big shots badly won't.
Now that's not to say that these tasks aren't difficult but showing these kind of exercises done well (the type of work realistically you'll be doing,) will more likely get you employed than a big establishing shot or something similar done averagely or badly. This is not to say that you should do something too simple at the beginning either but be realistic and attempt something achievable.

So many times have I seen people (myself included,) attempt something overly demanding which doesn't work or look completely reel when starting out. For DMP creating something that looks 100% photorealistic is paramount. I really can't emphasise this enough. Once you begin locking down some of the above exercises well you will soon be noticed. This is what happened to me and landed me my first role in DMP. To illustrate my point I have provided my early DMPs to show exactly the kind of exercises which are useful to begin with.


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  1. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de compartir tu experiencia de vida con el Dmp. Hasta ahora estoy comenzando y ver tu trabajo y tu recorrido me animan a seguir Adelante con este sueño, que espero conquistar. Un saludo desde Bogotá Colombia