Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Chapter 2 - Why DMP?

From an early age fine art and in particular learning how to draw was something that I was passionate about. This passion led me into studying art at A - level where I would be able to further this skill. At that time I was uncertain about what I would do with this but it didn't concern me.

Once my A - levels were complete I decided that taking a one year foundation art course would be a good step and by doing so I would be able to further my drawing skills and get some guidance on possible career options.
After the foundation course, back then, the Animation Production course at my local university seemed the best way to further my drawing skills even more and also offer a possible career path becoming an animator so I decided to take the leap and undergo the three year course.

During my second year at university I came to realise that although I enjoyed animating to a degree it wasn't my true passion. Being able to draw and paint with a more fine art approach appealed to me much more than just animating so I decided to re evaluate my game plan.
Back then you had the option on the course of either being able to animate or become a layout/ background artist. To me the latter seemed to make more sense as it leaned itself towards something which interested me more. Being able to draw/ paint and not just draw/ animate.

After graduating I realised that I enjoyed working realistically and that animating wasn't what I wanted to do. This led me into beginning a concept art portfolio but what I realised whilst doing this was that character design did not appeal to me so much in comparison to environment.

One of my close friends who studied on the same course as me was exploring digital matte painting at the time and after hearing loosely what it entailed I came to realise that this area really had strong appeal to me.
Looking back now I realise that after a quick Google search of what DMP was and stumbling across the work of Dylan Cole, in particular his contribution to LOTR, I realised that this is what I had to do and so began my journey into becoming a DMP.

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